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The Grand Salute

An adorable boy impressed the Indo-Tibetan Border Police as little Namgyal gave enthusiastic salutes to them on their way to Ladakh. Namgyal was giving out these salutes in Chushul village to the passing troops when he was approached by an officer. The officer inturn played along with the boy, gave him drill commands and appreciatedContinue reading “The Grand Salute”

Why India need not fear Islamic State or Al Qaeda

URGENT An open letter to: Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India Shri Rahul Gandhi, ex-President, Indian Notional National Congress [for easy comprehension, audio recording of this letter being sent directly to him] All Members of Parliament Cabinet Secretary, Government of India Director, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) Director, Intelligence Bureau (I.B.) Editors of allContinue reading “Why India need not fear Islamic State or Al Qaeda”

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